Would you buy a burn out shack in ‘the middle of nowhere’ CA for $1M?

Confidence is king, it appears, even for homes.

A real estate listing is garnering attention online for its meager offerings — and hefty price tag.

In Holtville, California — a town with a population of less than 6,000 in the state’s poorest area just 10 miles from the Mexico border — a currently uninhabited two-parcel property with a $1 million sticker price is listed with self-assurance Has gone.

Photos of the properties at 1896 and 1890 East Underwood Road reveal a series of serious fixer-uppers: an assortment of wooden shacks are seen strewn between the addresses.

These include a peaked-roof building with boarded-up windows and pallet porch, the words “Dress & More” painted over its doorless entrance, as well as a badly dilapidated structure and a white-painted wooden is the house of

According to the post, together the cabin has 1,032 square feet of living space with one bathroom and two bedrooms.

The listing lists as “character” an opportunity to renovate or build on a country house of approximately 5 acres, defending the cottage, built in 1924, but allowing that ” You may choose to build your own or subdivide this lot”.

across the street, list addsThe town is bordered by a precinct and an area, details that will surely entice those who have always dreamed of feeling like they are inside a Cormac McCarthy novel.

East Underwood Road California Listing
A former costume shop, it seems.
Keller Williams

East Underwood Road California Listing
A structure that has seen better times.
Keller Williams

This offering is across the street from the city limits sign.
Keller Williams

East Underwood Road California Listing
The property covers just 5 acres of land.
Keller Williams

“Schools are conveniently located, and with new housing developments being built closer and closer to the property,” the listing continues, “the possibilities for making this your own country paradise are endless.”

Internet denizens were less than convinced that the position was a steal.

“Very open floor plan,” tweeted one critic.

Another said, “5 acres in the middle of nowhere is too little, even in California.”

The California compound is perhaps alone in aggressively punching above its weight in terms of asking price: in Palo Alto, a tear Recently also went viral for ordering at a very high asking price.

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