World’s first decentralized online escrow solution opens token presale

After prematurely liquidating their pre-sale hardcap, the Cryptgrity team turns their attention to their upcoming token listing. The world’s first decentralized online escrow platform is set to launch its native utility token $ESCROW on PancakeSwap. Trading will go live on Monday 16 January, with several CEX listings already confirmed.

What is cryptagrity?

Underground place is a fully decentralized and community-governed escrow service platform that facilitates the secure and anonymous transfer of funds, data and services by leveraging blockchain smart contracts. Using Cryptgrity, counterparties can easily exchange cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other sensitive digital content such as source code and creative content without fear of escrow scams or mis-delivery of contractual agreements.

The Cryptgratity platform allows users to save on costly intermediary fees thanks to automated contracts. What’s more, all funds and data are registered on-chain, ensuring unmatched transparency and peace of mind that cannot be provided by traditional, centralized escrow platforms.

$ESCROW token

$ESCROW is the native utility and governance token of the Cryptegrity platform and offers a range of benefits to holders. Primarily, $ESCROW is used to reward community members of Cryptegrity DAO who provide arbitration services and resolve potential disputes between users of the Cryptegrity platform.

Additionally, $ESCROW can also be staked to earn passive income through crypto rewards. Built on a model of sustainable long-term growth, these rewards are funded by the Cryptogrity dApp itself. Platform fees are collected in real-time and actively distributed to stakers and liquidity providers to support the growth of the Cryptegrity ecosystem.

Buy $ESCROW on Pancakeswap

cryptagrity presale It has closed after successfully reaching its 400 BNB hardcap in just a few days. At a listing price of 50,000 tokens per BNB and an initial market capitalization of $313,296, $ESCROW will begin trading at a mere 10% price increase from the prior sale rate. This will help avoid immediate dumping by pre-sale buyers and establish a stable price floor for the lifetime of the token.

Token contracts have been put in place to ensure investor protection Audited by TechRate, Initial liquidity will be locked for 180 days following the launch of the token, with several centralized exchanges such as Cointiger already listing $ESCROW in preparation for the popular launch.

Online escrow solutions are being reinvented for the blockchain era

Despite cryptocurrency and blockchain technology being used more often than ever in many areas, online escrow services are plagued by scams, mis-delivery of goods and services, and extortionate intermediary fees. Cryptegrity aims to address these outstanding issues and provide a seamless and secure platform for all, while providing risk-free exchange of data, money and services.

The Cryptegrity founder has a history of successfully launching blockchain-based applications, with previous tokens reaching over $20M in market capitalization. Don’t miss the launch of the most practical and value-driven utility token of 2023.

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