Why the Sephora x TikTok Incubator Program Is a Smart Partnership

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TikTok beauty creator uses Sephora's products to create content

Earlier this week, Sephora and TikTok announced a new joint venture with agency Digitas: an incubator program that will help new beauty brands take advantage of creator content.

As part of the Sephora x TikTok Incubator Program, TikTok creators will teach select brands how to implement creator-centric social media strategies to drive growth and engagement.

The first round of participating brands include hyper skin, topicalAnd idempicked from sephora accelerate the program, These BIPOC-owned brands will learn from popular TikTok creators including Amy Chang (@bondenavant), Nyama Tang (@nymatang), and Rocio López-Jimenez (@rocio.roses,

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Why the Sephora x TikTok Incubator Program Matters

Over the years, users have acknowledged TikTok’s driving force on their shopping choices via the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyItAnd few places have been as impressive or alluring #beautytalk,

Beauty content consumption on TikTok from 2020 to 2021 increased by 1,000%And beauty brands have benefited from the boom.

Beauty retailer Ulta reported a 18.2% increase in sales With annual revenue exceeding $10 billion from 2021 to 2022 for the first time in the company’s history. During this same time period, Sefra observed 23% increase in sales Earned a record-breaking $82.6 billion in revenue.

Sephora acknowledges that the success of its stores depends on the success of the brands it carries. And having strong relationships with creators has a profound impact on the success of those brands.

“Brands with a deep understanding of creator-led social media and creator relationships have a clear advantage in not only conceiving aesthetic content that resonates with their audiences, but also creating real connections.” Brent Mitchell saysVP of Marketing at Sephora.

With this program, Sephora is investing in the maker-focused social media strategies of emerging brands. The return on this investment would ideally come from the sales driven by the creators.

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