Why the New York logo update was a rebranding flop

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New isn’t always better. At least that was the general consensus among New Yorkers after the Partnership for New York debuted its new logo for the city of New York last month.

The “We ❤️ NYC” sign debuted in late March and was intended to be a modern update of Milton Glaser’s iconic “I ❤️ NY” logo. coincides with a new campaign aimed at spreading the imagery “Division and Negativity” arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Notable changes to the logo include:

  • change “I” to “we”
  • Updating the heart so it looks like a heart emoji
  • Replacing typewriter-style font with a variation of Helvetica to match New York subway signage
  • adding a “c” to the end of “NY” so that the logo refers specifically to New York City

While the new logo was intended to bring people together, unfortunately, it has only succeeded in helping people find out how much they dislike it. this tweet Asking people to share their thoughts about the new logo has received over 2,200 responses that are overwhelmingly negative.

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What went wrong with NYC’s new logo?

For starters, “I ❤️ NY” is a tough act to follow.

The original logo, designed by Glaser, was introduced in 1977 to reinvigorate tourism and morale in New York City after a long economic and social depression. Over four decades, it became a beloved image and byword for both New York City and the state.

Most of the criticism of the new logo has been done regarding the design itself. Many have questioned the lack of symmetry (we NYC ❤️?), the emoji-esque heart, and the font choice (Helvetica is it) Very widely used).

These elements give the design an unprofessional and unorthodox feel that is off-brand for a city known for being a center of creativity and rich culture, ultimately thwarting the attempted rebrand.

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