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Creators participating in the Reels Play Bonus Program

Last week, Meta announced plans to stop Reels Play Bonus payments – a monetization program that paid creators monthly based on the number of views their Reels received.

While the program is on pause, the focus will be on Meta ads within reels With the hope of developing a revenue share model that is currently being tested on Facebook.

The program launched in late 2021 to encourage Instagram and Facebook users to share short-form video content. Since its inception, the manufacturer reports having offered between $100 to $35,000 To post reels. Meta will continue to honor Reels Bonus payouts for program participants for the next 30 days.

Will the end of this program be a big blow to the creators of Facebook and Instagram? not necessarily.

While bonus payments were a good incentive, there were not many producers who depended on them for regular income. During the program’s duration, the creators were confused How Pay Rates Were Determined And noticed a huge difference in payments from month to month. Some creators also expressed concern that their reach has reduced after enrolling in the program.

At the end of this program, Meta will potentially encourage creators to consider other monetization strategies, including Paid Membership Features on Instagram and Facebook.

The end of the Reels Play Bonus program coincides with other major announcements from Meta including the introduction of meta verified And instagram broadcast channelAnd the end of live Instagram shopping.

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