What does the de-influencing trend mean for influencer marketing?

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Content creator participates in de-influenced trend

Is the effect wearing off?

In recent weeks, a new trend called de-influencing has taken over TikTok with the hashtag #affect Racking up over 160 million videos.

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The initial de-influencing video that circulated in January featured social media users talking about viral products they would not recommend to discourage excessive consumption. Now that the term de-influencing has become more popular, there are videos for almost every niche under the hashtag:

What is the reason for the skepticism about influencing?

For starters, high inflation and economic uncertainty have affected people being careful with spending,

Concerns have also been raised over the authenticity of influencer recommendations. Most recently, popular creator Mikayla Nogueira was accused of wearing false eyelashes in a sponsored video promoting L’Oreal mascara. The phenomenon, dubbed Mascaragate, went viral and left users wondering whether they can trust the opinions of influencers who profit financially from recommending products.

So does this mean that influencer marketing is no longer effective? no way.

On TikTok, the trend has quickly evolved from videos that say “buy this, not that” to videos that say “buy less”. The video below, viewed over 730K views, is a prime example of this, where the manufacturer gives alternatives to items it doesn’t recommend.

Ultimately, the power of influencer marketing lies in how much audiences trust the creators they follow and the brands they promote. For some, the act of “de-influencing” can be seen as a strategy to build trust with an audience before influencing yet another purchase in line.

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