The reality about mosquitoes and what you might be doing incorrectly

For many, the beginning of July is the pinnacle of mosquito season. You already know what to do.

Stock up on citronella candles, wear garlic around your neck, scare them with direct sunlight, stake 'em in the heart, and never let a mosquito into your home.

What was I doing? Oh, yes, separating reality from fiction on how to avoid our favourite seasonal pest.

This year, mosquitoes didn't even cross my thoughts until Memorial Day weekend and a vacation up North to a friend's cottage.

Hundreds of these bloodsuckers crowded the head of my slow-moving 5-year-old, rendering his fat cheeks helpless as he sought to defend them with his fists.

Later, as our families crammed into the minivan, our normally active children screamed bloody murder for my friend to turn on

The gas so we could escape the biblical-scale infestation.
The insects had hatched just a few days before our arrival,

According to the locals. This year's harvest, according to my friend, was the worst she'd ever seen at the cabin.

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