NASA Announces New Launch Date for Artemis 1 Mission

The first Space Launch System rocket is almost ready for launch, according to NASA's latest status update. 

The vehicle is still being tested, but NASA expects it to return to the launchpad next month. If everything goes as planned, it could be available as early as August 29th.

The Space Launch System (SLS) is key to NASA's plans for the Artemis lunar missions, which will send the first woman to

The moon and might pave the way for a permanent human presence on and around Earth's lone satellite.

Before any of that can happen, NASA must demonstrate that the SLS is compatible with the uncrewed Artemis I mission.

NASA previously hauled the Artemis 1 rocket out to the launchpad in April for a "wet dress," which entails fuelling

The rocket and going over launch procedures. However, problems with the tower and internal valves thwarted that test, and NASA returned 

The SLS to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) for repairs. This was not the first delay for the SLS, which has already cost more than $23 billion.

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