Chris Jericho Angered Goldberg During Comedy Segment

Goldberg recalled being enraged by a comedy segment involving Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho and Goldberg's feud is well-documented, and the two even had a backstage brawl during their time in WWE.

However, tensions between the two began years before their backstage brawl, when Goldberg became enraged with Jericho over a WCW comedy segment.

While the two were involved in an angle, Jericho was given the task of defeating a Goldberg impersonator on pay-per-view. 

Chris Jericho recalled the segment and learning that Goldberg was upset with him during Goldberg's appearance on Talk is Jericho.

"I remember showing up for whatever PPV it was one week and they had me wrestle... it wasn't even Gillberg, it was another guy doing a Goldberg kind of gimmick."

Terry Taylor told me, 'Beat this guy and pretend he's Goldberg,' and I said, 'OK.' So we did it

 and you found out about it a few days later, and you were furious at me. 'Oh, I heard about this Jericho,' you said.

Goldberg responded by admitting that he took things personally because he wasn't from the wrestling world and didn't understand the storytelling aspect of the business.

"I took it so personally, man, and it's a business, a phoney business."

 You know, I used to be a football player, man. I'm a meathead, and I'm a very straightforward person.

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