Google Pixel 6A Review: The Best Android Smartphone Below $500

Google's Pixel 6A is distinguished by its excellent camera, reasonable price, and attractive design. Remember that the Pixel 7 will be out soon.

This year, Samsung and Apple demonstrated that you don't have to pay close to $1,000 for a terrific phone, and now Google is following suit with its $449 Pixel 6A

On July 28, the business will release a new, more cheap Pixel with the same Tensor processor as the Pixel 6, but for $150 less.

Internationally, the Pixel 6A is priced at £399 and $749 AUD.
Since the launch of the Pixel 3A in 2019,

Google's more affordable A-series Pixel phones have been available. However, the Pixel 6A fits a different niche in Google's range than its predecessors.

In some aspects, the Pixel 5A and Pixel 4A appeared to address the problems of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4.

Both devices felt pricey upon their release, making the Pixel 5A and 4A the superior upgrade for Pixel enthusiasts.

In contrast, the Pixel 6A has a more difficult act to follow. The Pixel 6 received the CNET Editors'

Choice Award for its exceptional value at $600, which was $200 less than Apple and Samsung's flagships.

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