Virginia’s Cannabis ‘Limbo,’ Hemp Flags in NC, Expensive MMJ Cards in KY, Industry Parted Ways

Although Virginia was the first state in the South to legalize cannabis in 2021, the local press reports that the state still lacks a coherent market. “MPs (…) did not take the necessary steps to establish a commercial market, effectively leaving the Commonwealth in limbo,” reads An op-ed from The Virginia Pilot. According to the article, “there were some major contradictions in the law.”

Virginians can grow, possess and use cannabis but they cannot buy it or purchase cannabis seeds. On Monday, Virginia’s Cannabis Conference and Lobby Day in Richmond demonstrated that marijuana has become “a cultural and economic issue in the state.” Reported Meanwhile, the gray market is filling a void in the entertainment market. Data from Leafly estimated the illegal marijuana market at $1.8 billion.

cannabis flags in nc

In North Dakota, the House Agriculture Committee passed a resolution inviting people to buy American flags made from hemp, Reported Marijuana Moment, “The citizens of North Dakota should demonstrate their patriotism by supporting local businesses in our state that manufacture United States flags made from sustainable materials like hemp,” reads Resolution.

Skyrocketing prices for medical cannabis cards in KY

Lauren Bratcher, deputy director of the Kentucky NORML, announced via a press release that some businesses are taking advantage of the Kentucky medical cannabis system. NORML has received numerous reports of violent practices in the Commonwealth. bracher noted All a doctor needs to do to provide a medical card is that applicants have any one of the conditions listed under the Government Beshear order.

“Instead, some people are getting medical cards or certificates specifically for cannabis at exorbitant prices,” sometimes up to $300 per applicant. Reported local media.

Ways say they are sidelined by the industry

Members of the Rastafarian community in Barbados are accusing the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA) of “sidelining” them from the cannabis industry. Reported Marlon Madden, reporter for Barbados Today. Senator Shanika Roberts-Odle, the BMCLA’s acting CEO, said the agency involved members of the Rastafarian community “at almost every stage” of the process through workshops and capacity-building sessions.

Activist Paul Ras Simba Rock said that Rastafarians were frustrated by the current restrictions on marijuana use. Roberts-Odall said the BMCLA only regulates the medicinal cannabis industry, not the recreational use of the plant, and stressed that the majority of people with cannabis licenses are Barbadians, “some of whom have no additional investors. “

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