United Airlines Employees Caught Stealing Cannabis From Checked Bags, Feds Uncover Operation At SFO – United Airlines Holdings (NASDAQ:UAL)

united airlines group UAL Employees have been stealing weed from checked luggage at San Francisco International Airport for years, according to federal prosecutors. The San Francisco Standard reported that the Justice Department charged two baggage handlers with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance for their roles in the alleged scheme.

The baggage handlers, Joel Lamont Dunn and Adrian Webb, allegedly coaxed at least three other airport employees to help them snatch the cannabis from the suitcases, load it into 15-20 gallon garbage bags and then transport them to their vehicles. hid in court filing. Dunn was the leader of the operation, prosecutors say, and Webb was his “right-hand man”.

Investigation underway from 2021

Prosecutors say the scheme has been going on since at least 2020 when Dunn first approached another airline employee to join the operation. Dunn was reportedly paid $2,000 each shift for his help, adding up to $10,000 per week. But then, that person turned out to be a confidential source for the Feds.

On June 8, 2021, cameras caught Dunn, Webb, and other employees carrying black trash bags through a secure area of ​​the airport. Later that same day, Dunn and Webb were robbed at gunpoint in an SF airport employee parking lot near their cars. So, he reported the robbery to the police, not mentioning that it was marijuana that he had stolen.

Later, police encountered two unnamed accomplices of Dunn and Webb in October 2022 as they were weighing vacuum-sealed bags of weed that weighed a total of 30 pounds, according to court filings.

Passengers whose luggage was seized with cannabis?

good question Clearly, federal agents have bigger fish to fry.

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