Twitter Roasts Upcoming Documentary on SBF, Binance CEO

is a documentary Allegedly is being built on the disputed relationship between Sam Bankman-Fried And changpeng zhaoThe founder of Binance, who will trace the events that led to its downfall ftx,

What happened: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production is a partnership between media outlet Fortune and Unreal Ideas, a non-scripted production company co-founded by the actors. Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson And Archie Gipps,

twitter on roast mode: News of the documentary brought out the sarcastic best among many tweeters.

a user mimicked Bankman-FriedOne-word response in December after FTX collapsed.

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“Why I have a feeling it won’t be something like Transformers,” said Twitter of the Magic Eden NFT.

why does it matter: Zhao and Bankman-Fried exchanged verbal blows In the past, in the wake of FTX’s spectacular crash last year, which was later Binance Dumped All Its Holdings of native FTX tokens ftt/usd,

In November it was reported that “Moneyball writer Michael Lewis been following Bankman-Fried for the past six months and may book in the works,

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