Trump’s return as president would be the ‘holy trinity of market lubrication’, says Anthony Scaramucci

If Donald Trump had to retrieve Presidential post in 2024According to the founder of Skybridge Capital, it will be the “holy trinity” for stocks Anthony Scaramucci.

What happened: Scaramucci, who was briefly White House communications director for 10 days During the Trump presidency, Trump said on Wednesday that the “holy trinity of market lubrication,” Reported Luck.

The Wall Street financier listed three elements that constitute that trinity — “stimulus, through deficit spending, low interest rates — easy money — and lack of regulation,” according to the report.

Why it matters: Trump announced his presidential bid on Tuesday. In his declaration speech, he said, “Our country is in a terrible state and we are in grave trouble.”

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq closed down 0.8% and 1.5%, respectively, the next day.

Scaramucci also said that Trump as a candidate can also bring ups and downs. “The other side is [investors] Also know that it creates what the market absolutely hates: political instability,” Fortune reported.

“If any of those other candidates can present themselves with some of the Trump messages without the Trump drama, there may be opportunities.”

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Photo By World Economic Forum on Flickr

Note: Scaramucci speaking at Benzinga “Future of Crypto” convention on December 7 in New York City.

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