This Biotech Company Discovers What May Be the First New Compound of Psilocybin in History

NY-based biotech platform Terran Biosciences announced the publication of an international PCT patent application that may include the first new salts, co-crystals and polymorphs of psilocybin in history.

CEO Dr. Sam Clark The company states that it believes the new forms of psilocybin will “significantly broaden and improve the ability of researchers and developers to work with this compound to deliver new therapeutics.”

That’s why Teran has also filed a Drug Master File (DMF) with the FDA.

Clark further added that the discovery marks “a new chapter in psychedelic medicinal chemistry”, as the company worked with one of the most well-studied compounds “to make novel breakthroughs that were not previously thought possible”. “

Teran says that, while the psilocybin molecule has long been thought to be a zwitterion And so because of its lack of salt-forming ability, its research team successfully created several novel salt forms of psilocybin.

These salts became widespread polymorphic screening until the most stable polymorphisms have been determined, which the company believes may represent the first new salts and polymorphisms of psilocybin in history.

The same set of studies was repeated with the psilocin prodrug O-acetylpsilosin, which also resulted in additional novel salts and polymorphisms of that compound.

The company is currently producing GMP-grade psilocybin and supplying researchers and clinics around the world.

new pct Application Adds recent company four ip claims for improved versions of the classic empathogen MDMA, as well as for other DMT- and ibogaine-induced Non-hallucinogenic psychoplastogen.

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