The State Of Generative AI And How It Will Revolutionize Marketing [New Data + Expert Insights]

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Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Generative AI report and its corresponding column, “The State of Generative AI and How It Will Revolutionize Marketing.” [New Data + Expert Insights],

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The State of Generative AI Coming Soon

Curious what’s in store? Here are some of the topics that we have brought for you:

  • Data from 1,350 US professionals who work in marketing, sales and service on how they’re using AI
  • The best jobs that can be built around AI
  • How to train your own teams to be better than bots
  • How to handle AI ethics
  • Types of Artificial Intelligence and How Marketers Are Using It
  • AI prompts for marketers to consider

… and many more.

plus, Hear from leaders in Jasper AI, Mention, Rock Content, even more.

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