The Search Is On For Psychedelic Patents And FDA Designations, 3 Companies Share The News

drug discovery company Mindset Pharma msstaff has been greenlit by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on its application “Psilosin derivatives as serotonergic psychedelic agents for the treatment of CNS disorders”.

The application includes the Company’s psilocybin analogs lead drug candidate MSP-1014, its backup MSP-1009 and additional drug candidates related to the Family 1 tryptamine drug compound.

Both MSP-1014 and MSP-1009 demonstrated superior efficacy and safety profiles with fewer potential side effects and increased target engagement in preclinical studies.

“Our early and consistent focus on innovation has created a valuable intellectual property (IP) portfolio. This focus on IP has already created value for Mindset, and today’s announcement provides the potential for additional returns for Mindset is a good sign of success, thanks to our ongoing focus on novel optimized psychedelic-inspired drugs,” concluded CEO James Lanthier.

PharmaTher Holdings PHRRF has applied to the FDA to receive Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) on ketamine therapy for Rett syndrome.

This ODD would qualify ketamine for certain benefits and incentives, including seven years of marketing exclusivity for the targeted indication, potential tax credits for certain clinical drug costs, eligibility for orphan drug grants, and FDA New Drug approval. Includes waiver of application filing fee (approx.). , $2.4 million.)

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recently phase 2 trial assessed ketamine treatment for this rare genetic neurological disorder. Now, the company will evaluate the unpublished results of the study in support of a potential Phase 3 trial and FDA-agreed regulatory plan.

PharmaTher currently holds four orphan drug designations granted by the FDA for the proprietary racemic ketamine KETARX, including Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. organ transplant And status epilepticus,

Bexson Biomedical Inc., a biopharma home-based solutions company, announced that the USPTO has issued a patent “Complexing Agent Salt Formulation of Pharmaceutical Compounds” corresponding to its proprietary formulation technology SEVALENT.

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The new technology is the basis for Bexson’s lead therapy BB106 on ketamine for post-operative pain management, a key driver of opioid addiction.

Now, the new patent extends their potential utility to additional small molecules, allowing intravenous-only therapies to be delivered subcutaneously in a controlled manner for home use.

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