The gun-shaped Florida swimming pool takes the shot to stand out

This Florida swimming pool took the shot to stand out.

Homeowner Luis Minardi has had a flashy pool shaped like a six-shooter revolver for nearly 40 years, which has his neighbors wondering what kind of loose cannon he’s living near.

“The neighbors who have bought houses here have all come” – a 67-year-old Odessa resident who lives on Gunn Highway, fittingly Told Fresh Tech Florida, “They’re all, ‘Is this guy odd job?’

According to the University of Florida’s Student News Service, the oddly shaped pool was created in the 1980s after Minardi didn’t let his children swim in a nearby alligator and wife Ray jumped into the snake-infested lake without a shotgun from the deck. Saw them together. ,

An old high school friend and contractor convinced Minardi to build a 55-foot-long custom pool.

The plans that late friend and contractor Albert Jones III submitted were for a 1950s western-style Ruger Blackhawk known for its long barrel. Jones also detailed the tiles on the floor of the pool to separate the various components of the firearm, including the trigger and ammunition chamber.

A Jacuzzi was installed in the hammer of the “gun” and the tiles around the pool were coordinated to match the brown handles and silver body color of the revolver.

Luis Minardi and Ray Allen Minardi sit by their pool on Gunn Highway on January 29, 2023 in Odessa, Fla.
Luis Minardi and Ray Allen Minardi sit by their gun-shaped pool at home that is conveniently located on Gunn Highway in Odessa, Florida.

“You swim your lap down the barrel,” Minardi recalled Jones, who died in 2010, telling him. “It gets deep on that end. You can flip through it, and then you can swim back.”

The pool was resurfaced over the years, although its shape has remained the same.

Minardi, who opened the now-shuttered gunsmithing business in 1976 and got his first gun — a double-barreled shotgun — in middle school, said the pool has been a gathering place for friends and family, who used it to teach their children how to shoot. Have done how to swim.

The homeowner, who has had a lifelong passion for guns, says it’s important to stress firearms safety if someone wants to move one to the Sunshine State.

“If you’re qualified, mentally capable, and keeping yourself safe, I think you should have one if you want one, whether you keep it at home or you take it with you,” Louis Minardi he said. “But it’s like everything. It’s educating. It’s educating people about guns, how they work.

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