Take care of your heart: Coronary artery disease risk among regular cannabis users, study finds

We know that marijuana is a plant that contains many compounds that differ effect on our health, Cannabis research is important to determine the pros and cons of its use.

“In terms of public health messaging, this shows that there are definite harms to cannabis use that were not previously recognized, and people should keep that in mind,” said Dr. Ishan Paranjpe, a physician at Stanford University and The lead author of a new study showed that cannabis can increase daily consumption risk of developing heart diseaseBloomberg reported.

about study

To conduct the study, researchers extracted data about the people who participated in We all research program.

Study participants completed a survey on cannabis use. In surveying this information, the researchers took into account five categories: daily users (4,736 people), weekly users (2,720), monthly users (2,075), once or twice in three months users (8,749), and those who have never used (39,678 people), informed of CNN Health.


The study used Mendelian randomization (MR) to determine risk. The MR method measures known gene variations associated with a modifiable risk factor to determine the causal effect of the risk factor.

“While other work has also linked cannabis with coronary artery disease (CAD), there are a number of potential confounders that could explain this association. Our MR analysis suggests that this association may be directly causal,” Paranjpe said.


Daily cannabis users are 34% more likely to suffer scurvy (the most common form of heart disease), compared to those who never consumed matcha, Per the study.

However, using cannabis monthly rather than daily did not increase the risk significantly, said the researchers, who also took into account other possible causes of heart complications, such as tobacco and alcohol use.

a similar studyThe study, conducted by Gentofte University Hospital, Denmark and presented at the ESC Congress 2022, revealed an association between medical marijuana use and heart rhythm disorders. As reported by the European Society of Cardiology, they found that “medical cannabis users have a 74% higher risk of heart rhythm disorders than non-users,” study author Dr. Nina Nauharvesh said.

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