Snapple invites customers to generate real facts with AI

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Man uses Snappple's AI tool to generate fun facts

The facts on Snapple bottle caps are getting an AI-powered glow-up.

one in recent press release (Partially written by AI) Beverage Company Launched Snapple Fact GeneratorAn online tool that allows users to discover and share fun facts at the click of a button.

Tool’s rollout coincides with 20th anniversary Snapple Real Facts®And now the brand is inviting customers to create their own facts. visiting the website Or scanning the QR code on a Snapple bottle. The AI-generated facts will be saved and fact-checked by Snapple, and some of them could be featured on bottle caps in 2024.

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Interactive marketing has been a part of Snapple’s marketing strategy for decades. In the 90s the brand ran a series of successful commercials featuring Snapple employee Wendy Kaufman, who became known as the Snapple Lady by reading fan mail from customers.

Over the past 20 years, the Snapple team has shared 1,677 facts, although some facts have been scrutinized for accuracy. widely debated, Snapple Mint Connects to Mobile As an early adopter openly using generative AI in their marketing.

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