Sherry-Lehman still closed despite plans to reopen

A representative for Sherry-Lehman, a 90-year-old high-end wine store, told my colleague Lisa Fikenser last week that they were “Excited” they will reopen closed shop on Tuesday,

But by Friday, a window sign said, “Reopening soon!”

As Fikensher first reported, the venerable wine seller was shut down by the state liquor authority last month. liquor license expired,

she previously disclosed that Sherry-Lehmann was delinquent on taxes, owed many creditors and could not fill its shelves,

Sherry Lehman at 505 Park Ave.
Sherry Lehman at 505 Park Avenue still isn’t open.
robert miller

Grand re-opening posting on store windows
Sherry-Lehman was expected to open earlier this week.
Jane Hershey Cuozzo

It was a sad turn of events from when the former owners, the Aaron family, made it into the best wine merchants in America, some of whom proudly reside in their tiny cellar of terrific vintage realty checks.

The current owners had renewed the license on 22 March.

But when or if the place will return is anyone’s guess.

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