NYC settles with new operator, saving Central Park Boathouse

All is lost!

Despite fears that Manhattan’s iconic Loeb Boathouse venue will forever be swimming with fish, a new contract has muddied its fortunes.

A 10-year contract signed on Monday has temporarily lifted the sunken spot out of the depths of its closure.

Gothamist first reported The agreement between the city and Legends Hospitality – which also runs concessions at other famous city venues including Yankee Stadium, One World Observatory and Oculus Beer Garden – will create a “turnkey ‘service provider’ with the ability to operate the lakeside eatery’s restaurants.” Offers, snack bar and boat rental.

In exchange for the privilege, the Legends must pay the city $750,000 annually in addition to a portion of boathouse sales.

a boon for development popular wedding venues Sounding the death knell last summer after former owner Dean J. Poole had to lay off 163 of his employees after rising labor and insurance costs and close location permanently in decline.

Park spokeswoman Crystal Howard assured The Post at the time, “It is our intention to incorporate a future operator as soon as possible, but the future of the boathouse still hangs in the balance.”

Loeb Boathouse Legends Hospitality
Central Park’s historic Loeb Boathouse was closed due to the pandemic.
Brian Zak / NY Post

As part of the deal, Legends is also responsible for investing at least $3.2 million to make various upgrades to the beloved business, including a restroom makeover and the addition of its dual outdoor patio areas.

Repairs are needed for the landmark to reopen, which could happen in less than two months.

Currently, Legend is working with a June 1 deadline to complete upgrades to the historic structure, which was first built in 1873 and redesigned in 1954.

However, that time frame is subject to the discretion of park officials, who would not specify when exactly the boathouse will be back in business, Gothamist reported.

When it reopens, guests can expect a menu with high-end food options like $23 mushroom toast and $25 hamburgers.

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