Now You Can Join the Metaverse Through TV: Meet MetaSmart TV by Gazer

Introducing the First Access to the Metaverse Through a TV Screen

One click—and you’re in the metaverse. Something that seemed like a science-fiction plot has now become a reality. The company behind this is Gazer Electronics. Its new development, MetaSmart TV, allows easy and fast access to the Metaverse. Imagine: now you can download NFT to TV screen and enjoy modern art in the comfort of your home. Quite a digital revolution.

Being the first company to present the Metaverse through a TV screen, Gazer provides all the necessary technologies to enhance this experience.

With cloud technology and streaming possibilities, the connection to the Metaverse is quick, and the visuals are of high quality. A unique Multiverse screen guarantees brightness and contrast for years of daily use. No Lagging: Neither while viewing content, nor while surfing the digital world. A special multicontrol remote is designed to convert it into a gamepad. You can easily switch from Netflix to Decentraland.

The NFTs are ‘distributed’ to the screen with the help of OpenSea, an official partner of Gazer. You can buy any digital artwork of your choice via TV, mount it on the wall within seconds. Screensaver feature allows to add your favorite NFTs and display them in slide show mode. Viewing art has never been easier.

As Gartner predicts, 25% of people will spend 1 hour a day in the Metaverse by 2026. Gazer’s ambitious goal is to make this number enormous, introducing meta-technology into every home. The company seems to be successful: MetaSmart TVs have an affordable price tag.

People’s needs are at the heart of Gazer’s digital solutions; That is why MetaSmart TV represents a new user-oriented generation of Smart TVs with access to virtual worlds. All you have to do is turn on the TV, launch the app, and there you are in the metaverse. Simple as that.

As the world moves towards digital reality, interest in the metaverse is growing rapidly around the world. according to industry market report good52% of global internet users have already joined the metaverse for work; 48% use it for arts and entertainment purposes. Soon, students will be able to attend university lectures via Metaverse – a considerable upgrade of scholarly Zoom meetings; Online shopping is set to become more practical with the introduction of virtual try-ons; Needless to mention that you can go for digital clothes instead of physical ones. The Metaverse is here: you can see it on your screen if it’s created by Gazer.

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