Minnesota steps closer to legalizing cannabis: Ex-Gov. Ventura gives personal testimony

Senate Environment Climate and Heritage Committee of Minnesota Passed a bill regarding Sen. lindsey portThe bill — which creates a regulatory framework for recreational and adult use cannabis — passed with a 5-4 vote.

“The prohibition of cannabis is a failed system that has not achieved the desired goals and has had incredible costs to communities, especially communities of color,” Port said. “We have an opportunity to begin the process to undo some of the damage and create a system of regulation that works for Minnesota consumers and businesses, while ensuring an opportunity in this new market for the communities most affected. Prohibition.

The sponsor of the bill reaffirmed that the main focus is to legalize, regulate and remove.

In that context, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura testified In support of.

The retired professional wrestler said, “Cannabis saved my life.” “Not me personally, but the 38th first lady of Minnesota,” he told the committee, referring to his wife Terri’s visit 10 years ago.

They were the type of seizures “where you can’t do anything but comfort the person, make sure they’re breathing, make sure they’re not swallowing their tongue.” After doctors tried several anti-seizure drugs and none seemed to work or cause side effects, he went to Colorado where he received his first dose of medical marijuana.

Ventura said, “My wife took the first three drops under the tongue and hasn’t had seizures since then. None. Marijuana cannabis stopped the seizures. Not our drug.”

As of 2014, medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota. Nevertheless, the state’s program is still restrictive in terms of cost and eligible application requirements; All of which advocates say is more urgent than the need to pass laws for legal cannabis and open up a competitive market to drive down prices.

While SF 73 will now face the House Human Services Policy Committee, its House companion bill, sponsored by Democratic Rep. jack stephenson was approved by the Seventh Committee on Wednesday, 8 February.

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