Microsoft launches its AI-powered Bing Image Creator

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Marketer uses Bing Image Generator to create images

Microsoft is putting generative AI front and center in its search products.

In January, the company extended its partnership with Open AI, the makers of ChatGPT. multi-year investment Estimated to be $10 billion. The following month, Microsoft launched new AI-powered versions of its Bing search engine and Microsoft Edge web browser.

This week Microsoft announced A good start bing image maker – An AI-powered tool that allows users to create images at the click of a button (a major upgrade from WordArt).

Users can type a short image description in a chat window on Bing or by clicking the Image Creator icon within Microsoft Edge to receive custom images generated by OpenAI’s DAL-e.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator

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The feature is currently available to Bing and Microsoft Edge Preview users.

In addition to image creation, Microsoft is rolling out Visual Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0 to help Bing users with their visual searches. With Visual Stories, search results can include AI-generated video and audio clips. The Knowledge Cards 2.0 update will include visual search results such as AI-generated infographics.

What does this mean for marketers?

It is clear that AI has the potential to streamline and automate the tasks of marketers. While it’s no replacement for skilled marketers, AI’s ability to automatically generate imagery and written content can be a huge time saver for scaling teams.

Additionally, with companies like Microsoft integrating AI into search engines, it’s worth noting the potential impact this could have on search-driven content.

With search results generating elements such as charts and graphs, creating content that includes the latest research, data and insights will be important for marketers looking to generate traffic from searches. As search engines get smarter, marketers will be tasked with creating exceptional content that stands out from competitors.

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