Members of Congress shout ‘F*ck Ron DeSantis!’ Sing and dance with the band again on stage at a DC concert

Rape. Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D-FL), the youngest member of Congress cursed Florida’s governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis On stage during the Paramore concert Friday night in Washington, DC

Paramore singer Hayley Williams announced Alejandro Frost on stage. “I would now like to invite the first Gen Z Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost to the stage.”

Alejandro Frost came on stage, hugged Williams, and then the joint began to jump.

“Do you see this? Do you see the future here?” Williams said.

Alejandro Frost didn’t hold back after Williams asked if he had anything to say to the audience.

“F*ck Ron DeSantis! F*ck fascism!” shouted Alejandro Frost who turned 26 this past January. He then joined Williams for a performance of one of the band’s songs. He sang like a rock musician. and danced, whose moves were reminiscent of a younger Mick Jagger.

National Gun Violence Awareness Day June 3

Before Alejandro Frost danced Friday night, earlier in the day he joined thousands across the country to celebrate Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 3, a national movement that began 10 years ago after the 15-year-old Chicago shooting. Started later. Teenager Hadiya Pendleton who would have turned 26 on this day. He was shot and killed just days after performing in the parade for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

“I have been thinking about this movement, people like Yaya and her family, and the countless others we lose to gun violence. I know that together we will build a nation where this crisis is a And a loved one will not be lost,” said the congressman who also supports cannabis legalization and decriminalization.

Photo: Maxwell Alejandro Frost celebrating election victory, Twitter

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