Medicare seeks 2024 hospice payment rule increase

Hospice providers would receive a 2.8% Medicare reimbursement increase in fiscal year 2024 under a proposed rule for Medicare and Medicaid services released Friday.

The draft rule also would cap hospice reimbursement at $33,396.55 per patient. According to CMS, hospice providers would receive a $720 million wage increase as a result of the proposed rule.

Hospices that fail to meet the quality reporting requirements will have a 4 percentage point impact on their base reimbursement increase, resulting in a 1.2% net reduction.

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The draft regulation includes measures to deal with hospice fraud and abuse. Under the rule, physicians ordering or certifying hospice services for Medicare enrollees would be paid only if they are a Medicare provider themselves or if they opt out lawfully.

The agency will accept comments on the proposed rule through May 30.

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