Margo Price’s ‘Strays’ album comes to life in new cannabis collection by Dad Grass: It’s time to get trippy

dad grass, An American cannabis brand has joined forces with Grammy-nominated musician, margo price, to create a limited-edition collection inspired by his new album “Strays”. The collaboration, which features federal legal mother grass flowers and additions, is designed to pay tribute to the free-spirited nature, kaleidoscopic aesthetics and deeply personal elements that drive Price’s recently released fourth studio album.

The joints and flowers in the collection are crafted from low-dose organic hemp that is rich in CBG and contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning they won’t break you to the bone. Instead, Refinery29 says, they provide the best effect of being high “without feeling completely out of control” — relaxed, relieved, and at ease. Many people find that it is ideal for creative energy, flow, meditation and feeling present in one’s body.

In addition to couples and flowers, the collection also includes handmade “Margo Gras” tie-dye T-shirts and embroidered dad hats. The psychedelic watercolor design and printed lyrics from her breathtaking epic “Bean to the Mountain” are carefully crafted to celebrate Price as an artist, a mother, and a cannabis lover.

“My relationship with cannabis is medicinal, spiritual, creative and recreational,” says Price. “I love being able to smoke a little something in the afternoon and I do that with momma gras. Something that I know won’t get me so totally ripped that I won’t be able to check out at the grocery store.”

Adds Price, “When I’m stoned I get little lyrical ideas (I call them “the Hyades”), and I like to get a little high and play the guitar or take a walk in nature where the lyrical ideas pop up. And the tunes sometimes come to me. I’ve struggled with insomnia, menstrual cramps, migraines, back pain, depression, hangovers, writer’s block, and boredom with cannabis that’s high in CBG, and I love this beautiful plant. I want to help remove the stigma surrounding

The collaboration with Margo Price serves as the latest special edition music project that Dad Gras has unveiled following the debut of the critically acclaimed All Things Must Gras collection last year, which garnered attention from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vanity Fair and more. attracted. Variety, Ultimate Classic Rock, Adweek, and more. A momentous release in honor of music legend George Harrison, one of the most influential artists in modern history, All Things Must Grasp features exclusively blended CBD + CBG pre-rolled joints, accessories, and merchandise dedicated to the late musician and Let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece. all things Must Pass.

The Margo Price Collection is available exclusively at, as with all DadGrass products, the adds and flowers are legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill and can be delivered door to door nationwide via USPS Huh. The California-based brand has continued its nationwide expansion with customers in all 50 states and availability in more than 280 brick-and-mortar stores spanning coast to coast. He has received worldwide acclaim from the likes of GQ, ELLE, The Strategist, VICE, Adweek, Refinery29, Esquire, Dazed, Fast Company, Nylon, Uproxx, Uncrate, Architectural Digest, Town & Country, The Daily Beast, L. ‘The Official, Gear Patrol, WWD, Inside Hook, Thrillist and more.

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