Mac’s Times Square store closing permanently after 12 years

This makeup company has suddenly closed a major following after more than a decade in business.

Earlier this month, the MAC Cosmetics store at 1540 Broadway is now boarded up, with the beauty behemoth throwing in the towel at its flagship location.

A MAC representative told the Post, “MAC closed the Times Square store based on the changing retail landscape.” “We continue to invest in bringing a dynamic, enhanced consumer experience to major retail locations across the US, including other nearby stores.”

Opened in 2010, 1,700 sq ft The location features exclusive makeup counters, product displays and a prominent presence in Times Square.

At the time, both the Forever 21 and Disney Store locations on the stretch between 46th and 47th Streets were still in development.

Those outlets remain now, having been overtaken by the cosmetics company on the block.

Mac’s — which has already cleared the former Times Square location from its website — maintains six other locations in Manhattan as well as several outer-borough stores.

MAC Times Square Flagship Closed
Inside the now closed shop.
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MAC Times Square Flagship Closed
Forever 21 and the Disney Store, which were both in development when the MAC shop opened, have now outlived the Cosmetics Store.
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MAC Times Square Flagship Closed
The beauty brand maintains six other locations in Manhattan.
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The closure is not part of any larger trend in the area, which has reverted to its frantic levels of traffic since it was built. a ghost town during the pandemic.

Last month, Tom Harris, president of the Times Square Alliance, told the post Times Square was back to report more than 260,000 daily visitors – a 17% decrease from 2019, but a 196% increase from 2021.

probability of a future casino currently overwhelming neighborhoods – and in terms of national trends, retail sales are reportedly on the riseAt a high not seen in more than 20 years.

But then again, shop theft has also been reported recently record rateAnd of course the Internet is hurting brick-and-mortar stores.

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