Look inside a pastel maximalist’s rainbow-colored home

This creator has made a brand out of being as colorful as possible.

Arizona resident Emily Alleyn has stolen TikTok’s attention with her kaleidoscope of a home — and a boutique to match.

The small business owner has garnered over 1.1 million views on the platform a video tour his multicolored paradise complete with iridescent walls, stairs, furniture, a ceiling covered in a cloud mural and even a rainbow ceiling fan,

When she’s not enjoying her at-home Barbie dreamhouse, Eileen — a self-described “pastel maximalist” — runs an online shop for “vintage, upcycled, hand-dyed, and embroidered gifts” in all the colors of the rainbow . Fever Dream Boutique, he also has brick and mortar locations at Arizona Thrift Shop.

Their offerings include pins, patches, and stickers as well as lingerie, sweatshirts, and clothing. The aesthetic of her merchandise very much matches that of her home and her TikTok, where she has over 41,300 followers.

Fever Dream Boutique Home Tour
Eileen’s roof covered with clouds.

Fever Dream Boutique Home Tour
Custom decorations may hurt its resale value but Eileen says she doesn’t care.

Fever Dream Boutique Home Tour
A Barbie Dreamhouse-worthy couch.

In response to commenters who point out that her crib’s unique decor could be difficult to unload if she ever chooses to sell, she staunchly defends her decision to customize the space. She captioned the 15-second clip, “I will never be able to stress enough that I don’t care about my resale value (all of which can be completely and easily reversed).

She adds a voiceover panning over her furniture, “If I only decorated thinking what the next owner would like, I’m too much to rent from the next owner.”

Other rainbow houses have had a really tough time on the market, though, and many with multi-colored facades have disappointed even the neighbors. In Santa Barbara, California, artist Jane Gottlieb decorated her home in an effort to spread happiness, but accidentally upset her beige-loving neighbors in the process. People who don’t live in the area, however, “immediately smile” at the sight of the nine-color masterpiece, Gottlieb said. The post reported earlier,

In England, Mary Rose Young had difficulty selling her house – even though it was worth a quarter of a million dollars – after spending decades covering it up. rainbow paint and decorations, And in Florida, a residence in the Naples community controversially turned rainbow after legal battle,

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