Lifted to $1M in Damages Caused by Discontinued Disposable Vape Devices – LFTD Partners (OTC:LIFD)

Alemadeis a wholly owned subsidiary of LFTD Partners Inc. LIFD entered a compromise with its third party disposable vape device manufacturer which will allow the lifted med recover over $1 million of loss associated with the full Disposable vape devices recognized by Lifted Made during Q3 2022.

The foreign disposable vape device manufacturer has agreed to write-off $630,000 currently owed by Lifted Med for disposable vape devices already delivered, and future payments totaling $370,047 at a rate of $185,023 for each year through 2023. To credit Lifted Made for purchase and 2024.

Nick Warrender“We have an excellent relationship with our manufacturer of disposable vape devices,” said CEO of Lifted Med, and Vice Chairman and COO of LFTD Partners. Their willingness to use the devices has really shown us what a good partner they are. We look forward to a very bright future with them. The new, award winning 3ml disposable vape devices have been really well received by our customers We’re extremely excited about 2023 and all the things we have in the pipeline going into the new year.”

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