I Have To Keep This Taylor Swift Cardboard Cut-Out To Be Here

This is not a blank space.

People hoping to rent a $1,260-a-month two-bedroom apartment in Manchester, England, have to keep a cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift in the house.

A red-dressed 2-D teller in the window has brought joy to train passengers passing by the “Taylor Tram” pad.

When tenant Red Redmond announced he was moving out, passengers could not shake the worry that they would no longer be able to lay their hands on the figure they knew so well, jam press report,

But Redmond, a comedian, advised the handsome gawkers that they needed to calm down. The pop star will remain where she was in the window.

The balcony overlooks the Metrolink route from Cornbrook to the City Center.
Jam Press/Reeds Rains

A cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift is usually placed in the window of the house so that train passengers can see.  But for publicity purposes he shifted the cutout to the door leading to the balcony.
A cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift is usually placed in a Manchester apartment window, to the delight of train passengers. But for the purpose of showing the flat, the agents moved the cutout to the door leading to the balcony.
Jam Press/Reeds Rains

The enchanting cutout has graced the Metrolink route from Cornbrook to the city center for five years – since Redmond took it home on the train after spending the night in Sheffield.

Hearing the public outcry, estate agents advised prospective tenants that the singer should “stay on location.”

“Join the online Manchester sensation that is bringing joy to tram commuters every morning,” the listing notes.

Except for the stand-up Swift, the apartment comes unfurnished. Amenities include two bedrooms, an en suite bathroom and a balcony.

With the exception of a Taylor Swift cardboard cutout, the house does not come furnished.
Except for the stand-up Swift, the home doesn’t come furnished.
Jam Press/Reeds Rains

We’re not baking together in this lime green kitchen anytime soon.
Jam Press/Reeds Rains

You must have never seen such a sight even in your dreams.
Jam Press/Reeds Rains

“Reeds Rains are extremely excited to bring to market one of Manchester’s most iconic apartments for the first time, the infamous Tram Tailor that has been greeting commuters for the past five years,” the listing notes.

“Many Mancunians will be familiar with the popular Taylor Swift cutout that welcomes thousands of tram passengers each day to this popular waterside development in the V Building.”

Dave Moore, who lives in Manchester, joked, “Should be mummified and not be discovered until 3,000 years’ rent is paid.”

No word on when new tenants will get special access very prestigious erras tour tickets, If not, it’s going to be a brutal summer.

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