I Found a Great Apartment—But the Landlord Charges for a Pet Fish

It sounds fishy.

Recently, a astonished TikToker found that taking care of a pet fish can reduce his monthly budget.

In a viral tiktok which has over 60,000 views, Missouri woman, who goes @nicr__ Online, it was hard to find anything to say about the fees a Kansas City landlord was charging for a tiny swimmer.

he included a screenshot of online apartment listing Joe claims the landlord allows the fish as long as it is not an “aggressive breed” – albeit for a one-time $200 fee and $15 monthly fee.

“They’re charging pets for fish now?” she captioned the video, which was posted last week.

TikTokers learned that a landlord would charge a pet fee for a small creature like a fish.
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Nicole from St. Louis told The Post she was looking for a place in Kansas City when she stumbled upon the listing with “lots of exotic fees.”

While the “fish fee was beyond insane,” she noticed other absurd monthly fees in her apartment search—including “community fees” starting at $100.

“I think we are all dismayed at how landlords are able to charge insane rents, but then give us nickel and dime for anything that is ridiculous,” she told the Post in an email, her last Name requested withheld for privacy reasons.

She saw a Westover in The Crosswalk listing with a fish fee on Apartments.com, though she said she can’t confirm whether the owner will actually charge her to fish. According to the listing, the fees are the same for cats, dogs and birds.

Monthly rents range from $945 to $1,930 at the new, five-story complex, which features studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. The Post reached out to the leasing office for comment.

An employee who answered the phone said that fish are allowed, but the tank cannot be larger than 25 gallons and must be in good condition (not leaking) and must be cleaned frequently to prevent odors.

The post was then referred to the Department of Resident Services, which declined further comment. The corporate office could not be immediately reached on Saturday.

Bottom: A TikToker featured an apartment rental listing that includes fish charges.

On TikTok, viewers dropped Nicole a line in the comments section, calling her fin-de cray cray.

One person said, “I don’t think you need a permit to fish.”

“Next they’ll ask you to provide proof of spaying and neutering for your fish,” fumed another.

One user quipped, “Just in case the fish rips up the carpet.”

Someone else said, “Somebody had a piranha and messed it up for everybody.”

“$200 for a fish?” said another astonished onlooker.

tiktok comments
Viewers were able to mullet in the comments section.

It’s common for landlords to charge fees for pets – especially for cats and dogs – but some tenants strongly oppose such charges, going to great lengths to hide their critters. .

A British woman also reported marrying his cat To avoid landlord fees, matrimony indicates to apartment owners that the pairing comes as a packaged deal.

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