How to make your marketing job harder for you during challenging times

Stuck in your targeting strategy? We get it — it’s easier to stick to what you know. But if you don’t adapt and grow, you may lose budget, workforce, and your goals.

We know times are tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve efficient growth and boost your sales. In fact, in the face of a challenging economy, it is even more important that your marketing do the hard work for you. To do this, you and your team need to be hyper-targeted and personalize your marketing efforts.

Here, we’ll explore five ways you can make your marketing harder for yourself.

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How to make your marketing job harder for you

Your strategy should include marketing and sales efforts tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual accounts. This can include creating customized content, developing personalized marketing campaigns and tailoring sales pitches to the specific needs and interests of each target account.

Throwing spaghetti at the wall won’t cut it anymore. To run efficient campaigns, you need to analyze current lead quality, source and channel to find out where they all overlap. he is there abm comes — it allows companies to conduct ongoing and future campaigns with greater precision and large scale automationAnd get targeted results and maximum ROI at each stage of the funnel.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Fine-tune your lead scoring.

Oldie but goodie, isn’t it?

Many marketers still use the spray-and-pray method to get leads. But in today’s environment a more nuanced approach is needed. Enter ‘abmified’ lead scoring. Traditional lead scoring has led to highly engaged but poorly-fit leads, making sales teams unhappy. You want to make sure that you are targeting the right leads that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from your Target Account List (TAL).

To attract and convert the right leads, you need to prioritize fit over engagement in your lead scoring. By targeting your TALs and motivating them to become MQLs faster, you can get better results and grow your customer base easily.

2. Focus on quality over quantity.

Can anyone on your team name the top three key sources that consistently produce the highest volume of quality accounts? If not, this task should be a priority.

When you use more than one platform to identify target accounts, it can be challenging to identify where your high-quality leads come from. If you narrow your focus by managing and optimizing your advertising strategies from one platform, you can save time, streamline your efforts, and see results faster.

3. Identify low-risk channels that work.

Which channels does your current strategy rely on the most? Are they free or at minimal cost?

From social media to email marketing to PPC advertising, it’s important to use the right channels to reach your target audience where they are most active. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

By optimizing your website for search engines, you will increase your chances of appearing when your target audience searches for keywords related to your products or services. Note which channels require the most resources to reach, build and maintain an audience to save budget.

4. Reach peak performance.

Note where your list of high quality channels overlaps with your list of high investment channels. Where does it align? And where does it mis-align?

You’ll want to maximize your advertising investment by reallocating budget to better performing channels based on cross-channel performance data.

5. Increase spending on select channels only.

Now that you know exactly which channels are worth investing in, you can confidently execute account-based advertising to engage your target audience. Putting those two together will help you optimize campaign ROI and conversion rates, increase near-term impact, and create bigger results from the top of the funnel down.

You can even automate your MQL if you want to go ahead with this strategy. Lead generation specialists use account based platforms, such as rollworksTo implement the following ‘Auto-MQL’ steps:

  • Identify the titles from your Target Account List (TAL) that best fit your goals
  • Create minimum activity criteria that will qualify a lead as an MQL among previously identified targeted payment channels
  • Set up automated lead scoring with these two factors in mind

And just like that, you have a fully automated and ABMfied marketing strategy that will identify and nurture the highest possible ROI leads!

Results should be almost immediate.

It is important to combine ABM with lead generation

Combining ABM with demand and lead generation is not only a good idea – it is essential for success in today’s challenging business environment. By taking a more targeted approach to your “one to many” programs and combining it with a high volume of qualified leads, you can drive quick and impactful wins.

As we move toward smaller, more versatile teams, on-demand developers will need to have at least a basic understanding of ABM. Not only is this approach more efficient, but it also meets the unique challenges facing modern businesses. So, if you want to achieve mastery and drive growth, it’s time to adopt a more targeted approach that blends ABM with demand and lead generation.

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