Hedonism resort in Jamaica allows on-site purchase of weed, smoking in the nude

hedonism II, Negril, a famous clothing-optional resort in Jamaica, now has an on-site medical cannabis dispensary.

retail front, dubbed hedo video, High-end Craft specializes in cannabis, and offers a variety of products including joints, flowers, and oils. All products come from cannabis that was cultivated locally by licensed farmers, in full compliance with Jamaican cannabis laws.

The resort’s mission is to promote the well-being of its guests by providing expert, personalized service in a safe and comfortable environment.

While the dispensary is open to Hedonism II guests as well as outside visitors, a medical card is required to make purchases. But here’s the interesting thing: Guests are not required to have a medical cannabis card before checking in; Instead, they can schedule an appointment with an on-site doctor for an evaluation. Medical marijuana cards from other countries are also accepted.

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“The US has put limits on what the cannabis industry can bring to a destination and how it can operate successfully in a regulated environment,” said Kevin Levey, managing director of Hedonism II. HedoWeedo looks forward to providing this level of service to Jamaica. ,

While the medicinal dispensary is not owned and operated by Hedonism II, the adults-only resort is happy to shop and is eager to provide its guests with access and proximity to products in a “standardized and supervised manner.”

A HedoWeedo therapeutic spa is also in the works and will offer cannabis-based treatments in the coming months.

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Original publication: 2020.

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