Harlem City Council Member Kristin Jordan Richardson Is Silent On $700M Project One45

Harlem City Council member Kristin Jordan Richardson has gone silent on developer Bruce Teitelbaum’s new proposal to build One45, a $700 million apartment project at Lenox Avenue at West 145th Street.

Richardson’s office told us she was “working on a statement” to respond, but did not know when it would be ready.

richardson famously refused to support Teitelbaum’s plan This would lead to 915 new apartments being built on the unused site as making half of them “affordable” was not high enough for his taste.

Kristin Jordan Richardson

NYC Councilwoman Kristin Jordan Richardson.


Richardson did not support the project, claiming that there were not enough affordable units.


Teitelbaum vetoed the rezoning proposal last year, not knowing that the council would try to override Richardson’s veto. The body usually goes to the district representative.

Teitelbaum now plans to restart the rezoning process. His letter to Richardson about what he now calls “One45 Harlem for All” put him on the spot. If she balks again, it would use part of the land as a truck depot and another for about 60 market-rate apartments, both of which are allowed without rezoning.

Teitelbaum invited the council member to “engage in direct negotiations without preconditions, without ultimatums or hard demands”.

The discussion should be “face-to-face”, his letter said, and suggested that Manhattan Borough President Mark Levin could help arrange the meeting. Levin, like most other elected officials strong supporter of Teitelbaum’s plan,

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