Hamptons Resorts offer free boat rides connecting Barron’s Cove and The Prydwin

See what’s making a splash in the ultra-competitive Hamptons summer scene: a free boat ride for guests between two resorts owned by Curtis Bashaw’s Cape Advisors.

In what appears to be a first-ever East End facility, the tiny Scout XSF 215 ferries guests from Sag Harbor’s Barons Cove to Shelter Island’s recently reopened and redesigned Prydwin — and back.

The scenic 40-minute ride, he said, “will enable guests to easily enjoy both Barron and Prydwin without the hassle of a car ferry,” which is far from Barron in Sag Harbor.

celebrity 1920s Prydwin on Peconic Bay’s Crescent Beach to Reopen in 2021 In partnership with the local Petrie family, who have operated it since 1961.

After two years of closure and a $28 million redevelopment that began in 2019, it now has 49 rooms and private cottages.

Basho previously salvaged the old 1960’s Baron Cove The picturesque Marina of Sag HarborMotel from oblivion when he took it over in 2013 and relaunched it in 2015 in an expanded, more sophisticated form.

Since then, “the Barrons have settled into a Sag Harbor rhythm,” Bashaw said. “The new pattern is for people to stay longer than before.”

A 40-minute scenic ride takes guests from Barron’s Cove in Sag Harbor to Prydwin on Shelter Island.
Credits: Cape Advisors

Basho re-opens the 1920s Prydwin on Peconic Bay's Crescent Beach in 2021.
Basho re-opens the 1920s Prydwin on Peconic Bay’s Crescent Beach in 2021.

They had no intention of competing with the attractive (and noisy) Sunset Beach across the street from Prydwin. “We didn’t try to be overly fancy or ostentatious,” he said. “It’s low-key but very busy.”

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