Fabletics expands product line with new scrub collection

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Activewear brand Fabtix announces a new range of medical scrubs in February 2023

Activewear subscription brand Fabletics is looking to cover a new market – clothing for medical professionals.

In February, the company launched its first line of medical scrubs, which it calls “The World’s First Activewear Scrub Collection.” The collection launched with 12 pieces for all genders as well as the ability to be customized with embroidery.

in addition to making style quiz Potential customers can take it to find the items that best suit them, Fabletics is focused on a community-oriented launch.

brand pledge Donate 25,000 pairs of scrubs has tapped company spokesman Kevin Hart to help distribute the scrubs to medical professionals across the US and to an organization in Philadelphia.

Active apparel brand Fabletics introduces a new range of scrubs for medical professionals

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Why did the activewear brand start making medical scrubs?

Scrubs market expected to be worth more $236 million by 2025And Fabletics saw an opportunity to tap into it.

Fabletics surveyed its two million customers (referred to as VIP members) and found that 15% of them wore scrubs to work each day. Realizing the demand for the scrub from its existing set of customers, the brand got down to business.

During the development process, Fabletics received feedback and insight from over 6,500 professionals who wore scrubs to create the initial collection.

Since Fabletics announced the launch of the line on social media, the response has been generally positive. Social media users have expressed their excitement at being able to purchase scrubs from the brand and have requested additional styles and colors.

Competitors in the direct-to-consumer scrub market include FIG and Janu, both founded in 2013. The success of these brands showed a clear demand for functional, fashion-forward scrubs.

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