Exclusive: G-Eazy Reveals The Music Collaboration Of His Dreams With A Famous Artist – Can You Guess It?

In an exclusive interview surrounding the launch of his cannabis and lifestyle brand, Floristry*rapper c AG opened up about her dream music collaboration and recent.

G’s Dream Feat.

The multi-talented artist reveals that his last collaboration will be with none other than Mahan John Lennon.

When asked why he chose Lennon, G-Eazy explained, “I think from his approach to music, he was an explorer for life and philosophy and culture in general, someone you had You know, clearly a great imagination.”

He further elaborated that Lennon’s lack of classical training, compared to fellow Beatle Paul McCartney, required more imagination and less mathematical precision when writing music.

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G-Eazy also praised Lennon’s post-Beatles career, particularly his marriage to Yoko Ono, which demonstrated his progressive and forward-thinking approach to art and the world. He added, “His approach to art was, you know, very progressive forward-thinking, but also, you know, the world as a whole.”

Furthermore, G-Eazy appreciated Lennon’s influence on various aspects of life such as politics and human relations. He said, “I think from a philosophy standpoint, from an art standpoint, from a musical standpoint, and from a cultural standpoint, he was a man with a great imagination.”

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A conversation with John Lennon, G-Eazy believes, would be “elevating, terrifying and inspiring.”

As he continues to make strides in both music and the cannabis industry, G-Eazy’s admiration for Lennon’s creativity and imagination undoubtedly played a part in shaping his own approach to his artistic and entrepreneurial ventures.

Photo: Courtesy of Floristry*.

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