Epic Cyber ​​Showdown: US Treasury Vs. North Korea’s infamous Lazarus Group

America treasury departmentS The sanctioning authority has banned three persons North Korea for his involvement with Lazarus GroupAttributed to a notorious North Korean cyber-espionage team Multiple cryptocurrency thefts,

What happened: US officials claim that the proceeds from these thefts are used to finance the country’s weapons program.

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two of the approved persons, cheng hung man And wu huihuihave been identified as over-the-counter (OTC) traders who enabled cryptocurrency transactions on behalf of Lazarus Group.

simultaneously, sim hyon soap is implicated in providing other forms of financial aid. Treasury probe added many Bitcoin BTC/USD associating one addresses wu Ethereum ETH/USD, Mediation arb/usdAnd binance chain bnb/usd address with sim

Brian NelsonUnder Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the Department of the Treasury, commented On the matter, it said, “The DPRK consistently exploits virtual currency and extensive illegal facility networks to access the global financial system and generate revenue for the regime.”

He was referring to North Korea by its official name.

The Lazarus Group has faced allegations of running a massive campaign against the cryptocurrency sector, which has allegedly benefited from North Korea’s weapons program.

The US Treasury has claimed that the group operates under the control of the Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea’s intelligence agency.

The Lazarus Group is believed to be responsible for the largest ever cryptocurrency heist, in which they stole $625 million in digital assets. Ronin Networks Joins Axis Infinity Game,

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