‘Creepy’ Easter Bunny haunts home sale listing: ‘The talk of nightmares’

New York real estate agent Marissa Delvecchio thought she had the idea for a rabbit—but for some, it was just an annoying surprise.

pictures of a Cozy Rochester House In your online home listing for sale, display the exterior and interior as you normally would.

But in a twist, some places in the four-bedroom, 2½-bath house featured DelVecchio as a human-sized Easter bunny with pink ears, buck teeth and a bright blue waistcoat.

DelVecchio jumped into the scene while looking into a refrigerator, sitting in an armchair and even lying on a bed – all of which split viewers, who couldn’t decide whether it was scary or creative,

“we were Everyone’s getting out of it And coming up with some creative ideas on where I can put the house,” the RE/Max Realty Group real estate agent told South West News Service.

“We’ve had a decent amount of performance on the property, which has been great – I’m not sure whether it’s because of this or not,” he continued. “It’s cool to see how the Internet has taken it and run with it.”

Despite some negative feedback, DelVecchio thought it was a hatchet idea—as were the homeowners looking to unload the residence.

Person in bed made costume.
Themed pictures had potential buyers in stitches.
Kennedy News/Cindy Sievert

Person dressed as rabbit in kitchen.
no rabbit for dinner This kitchen.
Kennedy News/Cindy Sievert

Person in rabbit costume in house.
DelVecchio said the vendors liked the idea.
Kennedy News/Sean Merrill

“The vendors were all for it,” she said. “They were laughing at me when I was taking pictures.”

This isn’t the first time the ear-resistant real estate agent has taken a festive theme and run with it, proudly pulling on various costumes — including a gorilla and a Thanksgiving-appropriate turkey — over the years.

“If our clients like it, we bring some light-heartedness and fun to what can sometimes be a stressful and anxious process for people,” she shared.

Person dressed as a rabbit in bed.
The rabbit is up for a lucrative sale.
Kennedy News/Sean Merrill

Person dressed as rabbit on chair.
Most welcome. Or for a living nightmare.
Kennedy News/Sean Merrill

Person in the form of a rabbit posing on the couch.
Creepy – or cute? You decide.
Kennedy News/Sean Merrill

The listing was shared on social media, with Reddit and Facebook users laughing at — or horrified at — the sassy snaps.

“No. That’s the thing about nightmares!” commented one user.

“No, I would not want to buy a house haunted by a ghostly rabbit,” said one less-than-thrilled reader.

“I don’t understand why some pictures are cute and some killer bunnies are creepy,” moaned another.

“It was very stressful, flipping through all the photos, wondering when the bunny was going to pop up again,” admitted one suspicious house hunter.

Flamingo Dress.
DelVecchi has been known to periodically spruce up—including this flamingo—in order to brighten up listings.
Kennedy News/Cindy Sievert

Others thought the Easter-themed photoshoot was a genius concept.

“This is such a sweet idea. Good luck with the sale!” One wrote.

“Sweet baby Jesus, this is amazing,” joked another.

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