Collaboration is key to a changing industry

It’s always enlightening to sit in a room with some of the brightest minds leading the healthcare industry and learn how they’re tackling challenges, when they’re taking initiatives, and what keeps them up at night.

Modern Healthcare recently brought together executives to discuss some of the most important issues they are facing. I am sure the attendees have a lot to think about and hope they will share their thoughts within their own four walls. A program focused on how organizations are transforming themselves and patient care Adopting Digital Health Strategies and deploying new technologies. the second was on the importance of the one Environment, Social and Governance Agenda And moving from ideas to implementation.

At each event, the interactions between providers, payers, vendors and others were encouraging. Certainly, there is an interest in improving the patient experience and outcome through the use of technology. As expected, artificial intelligence figured prominently in many of the discussions. Future-oriented organizations are also rethinking their mission in the context of their responsibility to employees, patients, communities and the world around them. Serving patients where they are – whether by opening clinics in their neighborhood or through remote monitoring at home – is one way to meet those objectives.

Such events allow like-minded leaders, who have already identified important topics, to share ideas and experiences. The main thing is to keep learning from each other, from the relationships formed in the hotel ballroom, and then return home eager to put the best ideas into practice. Collaboration is important.

It is widely believed that the healthcare industry is at an inflection point, with much in flux. At our events during the second half of the year, Modern Healthcare will continue to bring decision makers together to explore industry challenges and seek opportunities to address them.

Our Conference Lineup The remainder of 2023 includes the Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference in Chicago, August 9-11; Leadership Symposium, September 14-15 in New Orleans; and the Social Determinants of Health Symposium, a virtual event on October 25.

Looking forward to meeting you there.

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