Clinical site in Alberta begins study of psychedelic-assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder

Calgary-based SABI Mind is the first clinical site to receive approval from the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBA) to begin a trial of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Sponsored by Canadian biotech company Clairvoyant Therapeutics, the trial’s protocol has been reviewed and approved by both Health Canada and HREBA and is currently in the phase of recruiting individuals diagnosed with AUD to participate.

Per capita consumption of alcohol in Alberta remains higher than the national average.

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“Substance use disorders are notoriously difficult to treat, and affected individuals face a substantially increased risk of morbidity and mortality,” says Dr. Philip Lucas, SABI president and study PI.

“The combined pharmacological and psychological effects of psilocybin, especially when complemented with psychotherapy in an environment conducive to treatment, show tremendous promise as a novel treatment for alcohol use disorder,” they concluded.

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