Chili’s Creates an Old-Fashioned Marketing Moment to Reach Millennial Customers

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Why nostalgia marketing is effective for reaching millennials

Chili’s is back with a new commercial, this time oozing with nostalgia.

The brand’s infamous “I want my baby back ribs” ads of the Y2K era were classics ( *NSYNC Commercial especially living rent-free in my head). Now, the restaurant chain is commemorating that time period in its latest commercial starring singer Brian McKnight.

The ad featured a waiter named Brian, who bears a striking resemblance to McKnight (but insists he is not) serenading his customers to the tune of the singer’s 1999 hit “Back at One”. . Spoiler alert: The waiter is actually Brian McKnight.

If the comment section of the video on YouTube is any indication, Chili hit it out of the park by connecting her to her ideal client. Comments on the video have been overwhelmingly positive, with users commenting on how nostalgic the video was.

Chile has zeroed in on recent years the millennium, especially those with young families, as its target demographic. If there’s one thing marketers have learned about reaching Millennials, it’s this nostalgia sells,

Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, are the generation of people who are on top of most Internet trends, while still old enough to remember the “before time”—the days before technology. were at the center of our conversation.

When brands are able to recreate reminiscent moments of the past through a modern digital lens, it can be an effective way to reach Millennial customers.

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