Building a Green Future: Regnabis to Gather Global Leaders at the United Nations in NYC

reganabis, An ESG Consultant for Global cannabis And cannabis Bazaar, is gearing up for its second annual Regenerative Cannabis Live Events But The United Nations Delegates Dining Room in New York City on May 11.

This special gathering will bring together more than 300 government and corporate leaders from around the world to explore the economic, social and environmental impact of the cannabis and hemp industry, and how it aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The event, which is reserved for Rezenbis members, partners, UN representatives and media, will host a lineup of more than 30 speakers, including six keynote addresses and four panels. Government officials from Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States are expected to attend.

“Regenbis’ expertise in the cannabis and hemp industry, as well as its focus on sustainability, branding and the ESG framework, is truly phenomenal,” said Will Kennedy, senior program officer at the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

Expressing his excitement for the upcoming event, Patrick McCartan, CEO of Reganabis, said, “As the global industry evolves and faces new opportunities and challenges, we look forward to bringing together the entire ecosystem and market for the seminal cannabis and hemp Honored to host the event. At the United Nations.”

RegenBice’s first regenerative cannabis live event was held at the same location on May 5, 2022, and saw capacity attendees and more than 1,000 virtual participants. To become a member of partner organization, Regennabis, or to speak at the May 11 event, visit

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