Ben.Eth, Bitboy Armstrong Deal Sends Psyop Shooting 11,000% – What’s Up

called a new community token PSYOP The token has seen a sudden surge of 11,000% in a span of 24 hours amid widespread controversy and criticism surrounding its launch and mechanics.

Sonnet: The roots of PSYOP can be traced back to ben.eth, Some well known NFT collectors in the crypto community who have previously shown a keen interest in growing pepe community.

Ben.eth soon decided to launch its own meme coin offering, $BEN, with 420.69 trillion tokens issued in a pre-sale that raised about 60 ETH from a few hundred wallets. Shortly after the public sale, the price of $BEN began to decline, and it seemed that the coin could not gain any significant traction.

However, things took an unexpected turn when YouTuber bitboywhose real name is ben armstrongTook an interest in $BEN.

After praising the coin on Twitter, Armstrong announced his involvement in the project and eventually took it over in full.

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why it matters: On 12 May, Ben.eth announced the launch of a new coin, PSYOP, with pre-sales starting on 18 May. The new token attracted even more controversy and criticism for its weak launch mechanics and lack of transparency.

During a Twitter space hosted by NFT commentator ThreadGuy, Ben.eth attempted to clear the air surrounding PSYOP, but many listeners were left unsatisfied with his responses.

However, things changed when ben.eth announced on Tuesday that it had struck a deal with Armstrong.

“To celebrate the closing of the $BEN transaction, I’m airdropping 1% of the total supply of $BEN to $PSYOP holders on Friday. Don’t worry $BEN holders, I’m airdropping you 1% of the total $PSYOP supply.” been,” ben.eth tweeted.

Price Action: At the time of writing, PSYOP was trading at $0.0027, according to CoinGecko.

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