Are Next-Gen Psychedelics the Coming Solution to Mental Health? Learn it all at Benzinga’s Psychedelics Capital conference

since the beginning of the new wave in medicine and public opinionPsychedelics-assisted therapy is being taken up again for the treatment of mental health conditions, commonly known as psychedelics renaissance,

With this, there has been an explosive number of companies working on these psychoactive compounds in the preclinical and clinical stages.

A renewed interest in the potential of psychedelic substances to help combat mental health disorders – primarily substance use disorders including anxiety, depression and PTSD, but others as well – with unprecedented advances in technology, the development of new chemical entities has given birth to (NCE). They are designed to hold the same benefits as classical psychedelics psilocybin Mushrooms, Ayahuasca dmt Or LSD And at least get rid of their known adverse effects.

Like any drug, psychedelic-inspired substances are unlikely to be magical cures for ailments. But many of them are doing better in trials than currently available treatments.

FDA’s Process The course of treatment implies an extensive road for a new drug to be approved and become legal for use, including preclinical and clinical examples, where endpoints for each step need to be met before moving forward. Is.

As this of course involves an ever-increasing budget, public and private companies working in the space work their way up. financing and testing through many Cooperation and research agreement,

As of now, big pharma is yet to step in. But one can only hope that this will happen anytime soon.

These and other pressing topics will be discussed in the forthcoming Benzinga Psychedelics Capital Conference, April 13 will be the setting for the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel dealraise money, meet investors And special assistantlearn from industry’s largest,

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