‘Architectural Marvel’ Revolving Mansion Lists for $5.3M

Life at home is truly a carnival in this mobile home.

For those of us who want to live in a joint house and carousels for eternity, luckily a TV-worthy carousel property has hit the market in California.

The sprawling, HGTV-featured compound is listed with Melvina Celhani of the Century 21 Affiliate and is currently asking $5.3 million.

“Welcome to the only rotating house in San Diego!” Voice List,

“This unique and innovative property that can best be described as an architectural marvel showcasing an incredible combination of luxury, functionality and technological advancement.”

The highest home atop the city’s Mount Helix, the property is defined by its more than 5,000 square feet of second floor space (composed of indoor living spaces, revolving decks and fixed decks) capable of rotating a full 360 degrees . State-of-the-art design.”

Besides being a great gimmick, the unique feature also allows residents to optimize natural light and adjust their surroundings however they want, as explained in the listing note.

And if they want a still space, there’s a 2,100-square-foot fixed living room on the first floor downstairs.

Also on the ground level is a non-mobile “work bench area”, recreation room, full bath, kitchenette, and a two-car garage equipped with a turntable so vehicles can also join in on the rotating entertainment (albeit only up to 180 degrees). ).

The entire address – set on more than 25,000 square feet of land – has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and multiple terraces.

An aerial view of the residence.
An aerial view of the residence.
JAM Press/NAV Productions

In addition to the movable living room upstairs, there is also a non-mobile living room downstairs.
In addition to the movable living room upstairs, there is also a non-mobile living room downstairs.
JAM Press/NAV Productions

rotating mansion san diego
One of the living room.
JAM Press/NAV Productions

a recreation area
The property has four bedrooms.
JAM Press/NAV Productions

a bathroom
In total there are four bathrooms in the property.
JAM Press/NAV Productions

Although its dominant feature is a nostalgic futuristic, “Jetsons”-like tech look, it also features modern equipment, including 43 solar panels, fire and earthquake protection, smart home technology, and multiple security systems.

The grounds feature 11 mature fruit trees, various outdoor lounge areas and stretches of grass, not to mention panoramic views of the city below.

The fa├žade of the house is covered with smooth reflective panels.

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