‘Anything Is Possible’ in ‘Gala Games’ Growth Despite Fumble Tweets: Crypto Experts

To add excitement to the drama, Gala posted a tweet announcing the partnership and deleted Dwayne The Rock Johnson And mark walhberg — and then summarily deleted the tweet without explanation. That move may affect prices, Which fell 20% to 4 cents.

Gala has since clarified that the tweet was made to a private discord server and was removed out of respect for the parties involved. in the last two days Festival token gala/usd It has risen to about 4.5 cents at the time of writing.

David Kemmerer, co-founder and CEO of Coinledger, a leading crypto tax software provider, commented on the connection between the preceding tweet and the impasse in the price of the gala during the past week. He believes that the rise and fall of the hype around the tweet led to a momentary jump in gala prices.

“In the past 24 hours, Gala has gained 26.52% to reach a price of $0.05234. On Monday, the company tweeted that it was working with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg, which led to the token price reaching its all-time high. From September 2022. The Rock and Mark Wahlberg are key figures and partnering with them will grow the Gala ecosystem.” Kemmerer said. “Gala Games deleted the tweet, and many crypto enthusiasts were questioning the authenticity of the initial announcement, leading to a massive drop in the price of the token.”

But demand remains strong, especially due to the outpouring of deleted tweets.

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AJ PleasantonA writer for BitBoyCrypto felt that despite the temporary stumbling block, Gala is on a bullish path.

“Despite the confusion on Twitter, you can’t deny that Gala is using the bears as an opportunity to build. embers Entertainment has been set on fire. With the pay-by-burn mechanism that consumes the GALA tokens, it is hard to argue whether this breakout is fake. They still have a long way to go to get back to all-time highs, but if I’ve learned anything in crypto, it’s that anything is possible.”

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