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Sansar, Inc. IoT The stock hit a 52-week high on the back of fiscal 2024 first-quarter earnings and raised guidance. Sansar puts the principle into practice, making the Internet-of-Things (IoT) a reality for companies with its Connected Operations Cloud (COC) platform. The company is a benefactor of mainstream Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiasm focusing on its benefits to enterprises. echoed by Inc. oh, Palantir Technologies Inc. pltr And UiPath Inc. path, Observability is a hot topic with enterprise networks, cloud and IT. Sansar helps digital transformation and automation for enterprises and has added 138 large clients with an Annual Run Rate (ARR) of over $100,000, up 53%. Its customers are the “backbone” of the world’s economies.

darshan of god

Like the proverbial “eye in the sky” of “God View” in gaming, the COC of the world is the embodiment of observation for industrial enterprises as its sensors gather oceans of data around the clock to improve workflows, spot and feed and train its AI engine. Identify inefficiencies and tendencies. Sansara enables industrial companies to view and collect robust real-time data through connected sensors and HD cameras. Companies can monitor their fleet in real time, collect robust data, implement security and record details in the unfortunate event of an accident. HD video and computer vision models help determine driver liability and gather evidence for claims or lawsuits. Find out everything and analyze. Samara provides digital real-time video evidence in the event of accidents.

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The platform provides a virtual window into facilities, fleets, floors, warehouses and any business that could benefit from IoT. The platform accommodates a range of industries including construction, retail, field services, energy, agriculture, wholesale, manufacturing, transportation and logistics. AI powers provide insights and predictive analytics to make quick decisions and control situations rather than letting them control you. AI has been a key driver for building its platform to deliver rapid ROI by turning data into business impact. Its data moat is a competitive advantage.

close to profitability

On June 1, 2023, Sansar released its fiscal first quarter 2024 earnings report for the quarter ending March 2023. Losses estimated at ($0.05), retrace from $0.03. Revenue grew 43% year-over-year (YoY) to $204.3 million, beating analyst estimates of $191.9 million. Annualized Run Rate (ARR) grew 41% YoY to $856.2 million. Customers with ARR greater than $100,000 grew 53% YoY to 1,375.

CEO Insights

Sanjeet Biswas, CEO of Sansar commented, “In this current environment, our customers are prioritizing investing in solutions that help them control costs and deliver faster ROI by running safer, smarter and more efficient operations. ” He highlighted how Sansar is driving “meaningful business impact” for its clients, doubling down on AI-based security technologies, digital workflows to boost the efficiency of the frontline workforce, and boosting asset utilization in the field. Data integration is being enhanced for

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CEO Biswas also expressed how AI has improved efficiency, security and sustainability for its customers. He commented, “The magnitude of AI’s impact on the world of physical operations is clear, and Sansar 3 is at the forefront of this technological revolution due to unique competitive advantages.” With six trillion data points flowing annually into the company’s CoC, the company has massive operation data sets. Sansar continues to build out its infrastructure for more efficient training and the development of AI to generate data-driven solutions for its clients.

raising the bar

Sansar provided upside guidance for its fiscal 2024 second quarter EPS loss of ($0.03) to ($0.02) versus ($0.03) consensus analyst estimates. Fiscal Q2 2024 revenue is expected to be between $206 million and $208 million versus $201.1 million. The company reported a full-year 2024 EPS loss of ($0.02) to $0.00 versus ($0.07) estimates and revenue growth of $866 million to $874 million versus $846.3 million analyst estimates.

Weekly Cup and Handle Breakout

The weekly candlestick chart on IOT initiated its cup formation forming a cup lip line after the January 2022 high at $22.59. The stock continued to hit a May 2022 low of $8.73, followed by a breakout through the initial market structure low (MSL) of $11.35. trigger. IOT peaked at $17.49 in August 2022 before selling to a new low of $8.42 in late October 2022. It also brought the weekly Stochastic down below the 20-band, triggering a reversal and mini-pup bounce.

IOT to retest cup lip line resistance in April 2023 at $22.59. Shares fell on a sharp pullback to create a handle low at $16.63 in May 2023 and staged the Cup at $22.50 high MSL trigger break through the $20.26 cup and handle breakout as the lip line took the shares to $29.10 Squeezed, driven heavily by its fiscal Q1 2024 earnings and raised guidance. Pullback supports are at $25.42, $23.52, $22.59 cup lip line, and $20.26 weekly MSL triggers.

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